Identifying niche, environmentally sustainable agroforestry crops and commodities that demonstrate growth in both established and emerging markets to create high-yielding assets in areas of high consumer demand.


Christmas tree production in Canada totals between 3 and 6 million trees annually. Christmas trees grow naturally along Canada's Atlantic coastline, in a non-polluted cold winter environment. These conditions allow real trees to flourish, bringing warmth and beauty to your home for Christmas. Canada is in a prime location to export Christmas trees across the border into the US markets as well as supplying it's own demand for Christmas trees. Another of GWD Forestry’s exciting products, the Canadian Poplar, is commonly grown in cold, temperate regions and prefers fairly damp conditions; New Brunswick is therefore the ideal location to establish the Canadian Poplar Biomass Project.


Tree farms play an important role in producing much of the world's demand for timber products and by-products, easing the strain on the world's natural resources. To supply the global demand, timber is farmed in much the same way as many other crops, resulting in greater timber yields; this reduces the need to remove trees within native forests to satisfy global timber demand for a variety of end uses, including bioenergy.


Our teams at both GWD Canada's Christmas tree farm, and the Canadian Poplar plantation, work tirelessly on our clients’ behalf; from the planting of new Christmas tree saplings and rooted cuttings of the Canadian Poplar, to the care given during the maintenance phase of the year, right through to the harvesting period of both products. Our seasoned Christmas tree farm workers are, by now, used to the quick turn-around Christmas season in order to meet with quality standards and the ultimate deadline of Christmas Eve. Some people may think that growing trees is easy, but our dedicated team members know that it is a full-time, year-round job.


At GWD's plantations in Canada, we offer our clients the opportunity to make a site visit, with reasonable notice. It is the perfect opportunity to see, first-hand, the day-to-day operations at GWD's Canadian projects and to meet the GWD Canada team. At times of intense operational activity (November through to February), visiting times may be restricted