GWD Forestry Ltd started to develop its Canadian projects back in 2008, beginning with the purchase and development of several Christmas tree farm sites located in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. New Brunswick was specifically chosen due to the province being ideally located within close proximity to the United States border.

Establishing the first of the company's projects within New Brunswick offered an excellent opportunity to generate sales from within the domestic market, in addition to the exciting prospect of exporting farm grown Canadian Christmas trees to customers located on the eastern seaboard of the United States of America.

The region produces up to 500,000 trees every year in order to meet the festive demand with more than 85 per cent of the trees produced being exported across the Americas and beyond. The first GWD tree crop harvest came in on schedule in Year 6 of the projected 6-8 year cycle, with further harvesting taking place annually, providing a fluid supply of festive fir trees to retailers principally located across the United States of America and Canada.

The New Brunswick Christmas Tree Project continues to meet/exceed the/all expectations set in 2008 ; it is now fully subscribed, and therefore closed to new investors.

In early 2017, GWD Forestry Ltd introduced an exciting new investment venture; the Canadian Poplar Biomass Project, which is now open to both new and existing investors.

The Canadian Poplar is commonly grown in cold, temperate regions and prefers medium-moisture habitats, making New Brunswick the perfect location for GWD’s latest project.

The Poplar is a fast-growing, high-yield tree species, and, with its ability to grow an amazing two and a half metres from its sturdy shoots, per annum, it is little wonder that this biomass favorite can produce above-average amounts of energy when compared to other feedstocks, such as corn, soybeans and switchgrass. Multiple harvesting cycles ensure that a steady supply of feedstock is made available for wood pellet production.

Once produced, the biomass wood pellets are delivered to North American and European markets through GWD’s established networks.

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